BrandGenes helped build my online business from scratch. They went above and beyond to meet my needs and were a pleasure to work with. I couldn't imagine doing this without them.

-Lynnette Negrete, Me You Conversations

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They took the time to understand my goals and turn them into a focused content marketing strategy. I will definitely call on them again.

-Peter Spellman, Next Calling​​​​​​​

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These guys are incredible. If you are serious about growing your brand and business online, you want them on your team! 

-Peter Langiewicz, Obstacle2Opportunity ​​​​​​​

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​​​​​​​They just came up with one brilliant branding insight after another - virtually non-stop. They brought my entire platform to amazing new levels. I am learning so much from them. 

-Robert Katz, Cyber Science Institute 

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Our Social Media Starter Kit is the result of 5 years of trial, error, and a whole lot of testing.

We've used this accelerator program to establish businesses across a wide range of industries and help them amass hundreds of thousands of followers on social media. ​​​​​​​

​​​​​​​              1. Industry Analysis

Analyze the target market and competitive landscape. 

       Deliverable: 3-page spreadsheet

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​             5. Strategic Consultation

Implement the marketing machine and start testing. 

       Deliverable: 2-hour workshop

​​​​​​​              4. Campaign Roadmap

Visualize the advertising strategy and sales funnel. 

       Deliverable: 10-slide powerpoint

             2. Strategy Blueprint

Develop an integrated inbound marketing strategy.

       Deliverable: 5-page document

​​​​​​            ​ 3. Campaign Prototype

Brainstorm a creative campaign for social media.

       Deliverable: 8-page pdf

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Social Media Starter Kit

1-month inbound marketing accelerator program

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Before we do anything, we'll conduct an industry audit and analyze your market's competitive landscape to answer the following questions.​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Now it's time to execute. This starts with a free 2-hour workshop to help kick things off, answer questions, and provide direction.

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Distribution Strategy: A breakdown of distribution across social media platforms and an advertising strategy to fuel the campaign.

Conversion Funnel: A tiered sales funnel with multiple touchpoints designed to reach, engage, nurture, and convert leads. 

Project Roadmap: A strategic roadmap for the social media campaign with a timeline and vision for executing it. 

Finally, we have the execution.

Once we have the idea for a creative campaign, we can develop a sales funnel for converting leads and a roadmap with a timeline. 

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​​​​​​​Campaign Tagline: A unique branded hashtag that you can use to          organize & promote the campaign across all social media platforms.

Campaign Overview: A high-level outline of the campaign that              includes strategy, tone, objectives, mediums, and platforms. 

Advertising Mockup: A visual mockup of the campaign with a relevant real-world brand campaign to demonstrate execution.​​​​​​​

Then, we map out the vision.   

​​​​​​​We'll begin with a brainstorm session,  then we'll put together a treatment with an idea for a creative campaign to engage your target audience.

Marketing Profile: A psychologic profile of your target market based on their demographic information + interests, wants/needs, and expectations.

Distribution Breakdown: A list of social media channels from most important to least important with a focused strategy for each.

Media Strategy: A list of mediums that you can use to reach your  audience with ideas for different creative series and promos.

​​​​​​​Next we get into the creative.

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This starts with a psychoanalysis of your brand/market to identify your ideal customer, then we create a strategy to reach them.

We start with research.

After that, you are free to take this program and run with it. There is no pressure, no obligation, and absolutely no strings attached. ​​​​​​​

​​​​​​​1. Market: Where does your audience hang out online? 

2. Competition: What are the market leaders doing? 

3. Traffic: Where's your traffic coming from?

4. SEO: What is your search and domain rank? ​​​​​​​

5. Engagement: Do you have traction anywhere?  

Then we dive into strategy.​​​​​​ 

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Note: The Social Media Starter Kit will not be free forever and applications will be restricted in the near future. If you're interested, apply today.

Over the years, we've refined and perfected this program, while reserving it for clients willing to pay us thousands via retainer.

But now, we're offering it for free.​​​​​​​

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Who is this program for? The Social Media Starter Kit is for businesses who are either new to social media and are looking to jumpstart their presence or for businesses who are already on social media, but are having trouble developing a content strategy, building a following, and/or generating leads. It's perfect for start ups, small to medium-sized businesses, and even large companies who want to invest in their online presence & strategy. 

How does it work? After you send your application, we will review your submission to make sure you're a good fit for the program. If accepted, we'll send you an email with next steps and a timeline for everything.

How long will this program be available? Currently, we are testing this program on a small scale. In the future, we are planning on charging for it and we will likely have to restrict access in the future. 

Why are you offering this? Our hope is that you will enjoy working with us so much and like the strategy + creative we came up with, that you'll want us to implement it and work with us long-term. However, there is absolutely no strings attached and you are free to take the strategy we came up with and do it yourself or even give it to another agency or freelancer. 

Who are you guys? BrandGenes is a marketing agency that specializes in engaging, growing, and converting audiences on social media. We combine the content creation of a Hollywood production studio with the strategic distribution of a Madison Ave ad agency. Our client list includes businesses like Adidas, Wells Fargo, ESPN, Ogilvy, the Boston Celtics, Unicef, the MoMa, and more. You can learn more about us on our website or by reading our deck.

Is your agency available to manage my business? This program is a great way to start the process of working with us and test out our services. If we find that we are a good fit to manage you at the end of this process, we can put together a proposal with tiered pricing/services for you to review & consider.